Paul Stansell <> writes:

> When using Org Mode version 9.7-pre (release_9.6.10-881-g595a32) the
> following happens that doesn't happen when using Org Mode version 9.5.5
> (release_9.5.5 @ /usr/share/emacs/28.2/lisp/org/)]:
> When the cursor is at the end of a folded section, that is, immediately
> after the ellipses, and return is pressed the folded section is made
> visible (i.e., it is unfolded).

This is expected.

> This is particularly problematic when adding a new section after the last
> section in an org file.  If the last section is folded it seems impossible
> to get the cursor beyond the final ellipses so when adding a new section
> below this one (using return or Alt-return) the previous section is
> always opened.  For sections that aren't the last one can put the cursor at
> the start of the next section and press Alt-return to insert a new section
> above it without unfolding any sections.

You can customize `org-fold-catch-invisible-edits' to return to past behavior.
Alternatively, use C-<RET>, which makes sure that formatting is not
broken despite editing near folded region.

Not a bug.

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