I'm finally starting to investigate citations (what an astounding amount of work went into it all!) and ran across what seems to be a small bug.

Test.bib file:

    title = {Title Here},
    author = {Denton, William},
    date = {2023-11-23},
    journaltitle = {Journal Title},
    volume = {2},
    number = {3},
    issue = {5}

Make an Org file with three lines, using cite/a to get the author citation:

│ #+bibliography: Test.bib
│ #+cite_export: basic author author-year
│ [cite/a:@test2023]

Try to export it to LaTeX with "C-c C-e l l" and we get this error:

   Wrong type argument: characterp, raw

However, change it to cite/n: or cite/t: or just plain cite: and it will work. I think it should work with cite/a, but I'm not sure what's going on.



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Toronto, Canada
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