The org-modern-indent package relies on org-indent having finished preparing a 
buffer to add its own customizations. Currently it relies on a timer mechanism 
to watch org-indent-agentized-buffers and execute once a buffer has been 
prepped by org-indent.

That leads to some downstream issues in particular use-cases 

Although there are some workarounds for the particular issue above, a cleaner 
solution would be org-indent calling some hook at the end of the preparation. 
As per link above, jdtsmith proposes to add such call in 

         ;; Job is complete: un-agentize buffer.
         (unless interruptp
           (setq org-indent-agentized-buffers
                 (delq buffer org-indent-agentized-buffers))
           (run-hook-with-args 'org-indent-buffer-init-finished buffer)) ;; <-- 

Alexandre Avanian

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