Ihor Radchenko <yanta...@posteo.net> writes:

>> https://gitlab.com/jackkamm/org-grouped-weektree
>> I'd appreciate feedback on 2 points:
>> 1. Are any of these datetree formats worth upstreaming into org-mode
>>    proper?
> That would make sense.
>> 2. Can we add a public interface for `org-datetree--find-create', and
>>    are there any suggestions on how to do it?
>> Regarding #2, an ugly aspect of my current implementation is the abuse
>> of the private function `org-datetree--find-create'. I also pass in
>> the week or quarter for the DAY and MONTH arguments of this function,
>> though I note that `org-datetree-find-iso-week-create' does something
>> similar in its implementation.
> The API of `org-datetree--find-create' is generally very limiting.
> It would be nice to come up with something less limiting.

Thanks for the feedback -- I'll start working on something along these
lines.  Though this might take me a little while since the holiday is
ending soon :''-(

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