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The purpose of this patch is to duplicate switches when
duplicates headers (meaning point in the source block when demarcating).

Thanks for the patch!
Would you mind also adding a test for `org-babel-demarcate-block' in

I have attached a new patch with a test named `test-ob/demarcate-block-split'. Besides testing the duplication of switches and some header arguments, it also
shows that multi-line header arguments are not duplicated.

Whether this is a bug or a feature in `org-babel-demarcate-block' may be a
point of discussion. I have no real opinion.

The code of the 4 (should ...) forms in the test below the line
;; unduplicated multi-line header arguments:
feels a bit clumsy. Does Org have a function to extract the value that a particular var-name has from the association list returned by `org-babel-get-src-block-info'?

Regards -- Gerard

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