Russell Helmstedter <> writes:

> I received the following warning:
> #+begin_example
> ⛔ Warning (org-element): org-element--cache: Org parser error in 
> Resetting.
> The error was: (error "Invalid search bound (wrong side of point)")
> Backtrace:
> nil
> Please report this to Org mode mailing list (M-x org-submit-bug-report).
> #+end_example

Thanks for reporting!

May you please add
(setq org-element--cache-self-verify 'backtrace)
(setq org-element--cache-self-verify-frequency 1.0)
to your config and then try to reproduce the problem again?

Org mode should then produce a detailed log of what is happening in the
*Warnings* buffer.

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