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> I've been using Emacs+Org Mode on my Linux and Android devices
> for some time now and have been encountering some little synchronization
> issues that have made it difficult for me to use Org as a task manager.
> ...
> One such concrete instance of this problem is when I clock-in an
> entry from my smartphone and then try to edit another entry from my
> laptop with no Internet connection.  Syncthing has no way to perform an
> automatic conflict resolution and couldn't care less if the edits on the
> .org file are disjointed or not.

You can try
Also, there is (still in early 

> Alternatively, I'd also like to now if there could be in the future
> solutions like obsidian-livesync
> ( which apparently allow to
> perform live synchronization over multiple writes on the same file. I
> don't really need to know if someone will work on it (which is obviously
> unpredictable) but rather if it would be feasible or if Emacs (being
> single threaded, for example) and Org could instead be a blocker.

Single threading is not an issue. In fact, Emacs already has that provides live collaborative
editing. In theory, you might even make crdt.el work on your phone with
the new official Emacs Android port. Might be tricky though.

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