Thanks for the reply.

I don't see any error or warning. Styles file is silently ignored. The org document is converted as if there is no styles file referred at the beginning of the document.


4.01.2024 17:54 tarihinde Ihor Radchenko yazdı:
Hakan Dağdelen <> writes:

When I put the following line in my Emacs init file, Orgmode cannot find
my styles file for converting org documents into odt files.

(set-locale-environment "tr_TR.UTF-8")

My system's default locale environment is set to en_US.UTF-8.
My styles file is referred at the very beginning of the org document as
#+ODT_STYLES_FILE: "[path of the referred file]"
Thanks for reporting!

May you please elaborate what you mean by "cannot find"? Do you see an
error? A warning? Your styles file is silently ignored? Something else?

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