Matt <> writes:

>  > As a non-native speaker, I have some difficulties understanding
>  > "legible" meaning in this context. 
> How does it come across to you?

Mostly a confusion between "legible" and "eligible" (I know they have
completely different meanings).

Also, "legible" is not used as frequently as simple "readable", for
example. See "Trends" data in vs.

So, there are chances that non-native speakers are simply not familiar
with the meaning of "legible", making it more likely to confuse with
similarly-looking "eligible".

> What do you mean by "human-readable"?


> Readability also means that what's written can be inferred without 
> referencing other sources.  It's readable like "apparent, easily understood". 
>  I think this is probably what you're thinking of.

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