Adam Porter <> writes:

>> I am not sure if centered text should stand out.
>> AFAIU, you want to add this style for the sole purpose of highlighting
> What is the purpose of centering text if not to make it stand out?

To align text. I am not sure why anything more is necessary - it
is certainly counter-intuitive for me that "center" means something more
than just alignment.

If you need extra highlighting, we may introduce a dedicated style and
apply it via special block.

>> FYI, we usually do
>> : "Should I use one big Org file or many small ones?"
>> to make text stand out.
> Yes, but that makes it source code, which makes it monospaced, which is 
> not appropriate except for source code.

Having some kind of style equivalent to beamer "alert" will be useful.

> Besides, the .org-center class is not even styled right now, so it isn't 
> even given a unique appearance on Worg right now.  So why not use it 
> this way?

Mostly because it is unexpected, as I described above.
I'd prefer to stick closer to the semantics and just apply alignment to
center blocks.

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