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>> Consider the following minimal example, a nested list with a table in a
>> sub-item (regardless of list types and empty lines):
>> 1. List item
>>    - Sub-item
>>      | Table |
>> This causes a format error on ODT export (I'm running Org version
>> 9.5.4). In the content.xml file, just before the final closing
>> </text:list> tag, there appears a </text:list-header> tag without a
>> corresponding opening tag, invalidating the XML.
> Confirmed.

Fixed, on main.

Note that ODT format does not allow tables inside lists, so we do
nothing better than a workaround. It is generally not a good idea to
export documents like this to odt.

There is still a bug in a similar scenario when the table is nested even

1. List item
   - Sub-item
     | Table |

I added a FIXME to the code.

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