Kris Nelson <> writes:

> On 2024-05-17 05:22, Ihor Radchenko wrote:
>> Fixed, on main.
>> Thanks Kris for reporting, and thanks Rens for hunting down the cause!
> Thanks for the prompt fix, Ihor! I tested it out and confirmed I'm not 
> seeing a blank space after the LOGBOOK anymore.
> However, I did notice that it now errors out when creating the LOGBOOK 
> on a heading which is at the end of the buffer. The error is:
> Error in post-command-hook (org-add-log-note): (end-of-buffer)
> ...
> From 2c53fa24e2a7abfa73e070145365d89ad1197b8a Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
> From: Kris Nelson <>
> Date: Sat, 18 May 2024 12:16:06 -0600
> Subject: [PATCH] org-log-beginning: Fix error creating LOGBOOK drawer at end
>  of buffer

Applied, onto main, adding TINYCHANGE cookie as you do not seem to have
FSF copyright assignment.

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