On 21/05/2024 01:01, Matt wrote:
I'm okay with these.  I can start on a patch for :script-args and
:program-args within ob-shell.

Frankly speaking your plan is not clear for me. My special concern is DWIM behavior
(Ihor Radchenko Mon, 29 Apr 2024 13:33:59 +0000)

     #+begin_src sh :script-args 1 ; touch /tmp/not-an-arg

if you are going to pass it literally to "sh -c" then it is :script-cmdline rather than :script-args.

I expect a way to explicitly specify if it is a single argument or multiple ones

    #+begin_src sh :script-args '("a b c")


    #+begin_src sh :script-args '("a" "b" "c")

preferably passed as separate arguments of process-files or at least properly escaped.

As to literal command line, taking into account stripped outer quotes issue, I do not like requirement to quote characters for shells. Even splitting string into arguments using `read' might be better, but there are still enough issues.

Besides interpreters, there is may be a stack of "launchers" like toolbox in the case of applications installed as isolated flatpak/snap packages:

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