tl;dr: Which is the best option between LaTeX source bloc and LaTeX
       export bloc to embed some LaTeX code in my Org-mode document ?

I'm a last year student and very soon I will have to write a "Mémoire"
about my diploma work. (Sorry for using the french name, I didn't found
the English word and I'm sure it's not "Memory", like in computer

I plan to use Org-mode to write my "Mémoire", then export it to LaTeX
then PDF. And because I will have to draw some electronic circuits, I
want to use the LaTeX pkg named "CircuitIkz". And I want to put the
drawn circuits in figures with a caption.

For doing it, the manual say I can write the latex code into an export
block, like this:

  any arbitrary LaTeX code

I have done it with success, but I have to define the figure and the
caption in LaTeX, into the export bloc.

But I remember that it's possible to use Babel source bloc, indicate
"latex" as language then evaluate it. But I've never do it. Is it better
than using export bloc ? Does it give a simple way to encapsulate the
result into a figure with caption ?

Best regards

Gendre Sébastien

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