Hello orgers,

I have a task with several subtasks and some of them are associated with
an external PDF file. Since in this case each PDF file exists only for
the corresponding subtask, I think using attachments is a better option
then storing the PDFs somewhere and using hyperlinks.

If each subtask has its own directory everything is fine and using "C-c
C-a o" on a subtask with only one PDF will open the PDF without further
questions. However, I'd like to have all subtasks files stored in the
same folder but still be able to reference only the specific subtask

For instance, I have set the :ATTACH_DIR: property of the parent task to
something such as "parent_task_files" and the :ATTACH_DIR_INHERIT:
property to "t". Then in a "subtask1" I have added the file
"file1" (using C-c C-a a) and in "subtask2" I have added the file
"file2". Both of them were added to the folder
"data/parent_task_files" (which is what I want) but no information
(property) is added to the subtasks. Therefore, if I go to subtask1 and
try to open the file with "C-c C-a o" it will ask me each file to open:
file1 or file2.

My suggestion is that when I add a file to a subtask in this case it
should add the property :Atachments: "filename" such that even if all
files are stored in the same folder, only the files that I added to this
subtask is associated with it.

ps: I'm using org 6.28e 


Darlan Cavalcante Moreira

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