I use org-export-latex to create latex powerdot
file. I make adaptation of template defined for 
beamer class and it works quite well. 

I have a problem I would like to submit :

By default in each section or slide (frame) environment, 
there is a label added by default. This instruction 
is not recognized by powerdot class. Is there a way 
to prevent org-export-latex function to add such label 
entries ? 

My document is following

#+LaTeX_CLASS: powerdot
#+TITLE: Presentation
#+AUTHOR: author
#+OPTIONS: H:2 num:t toc:nil

* Test 1
** Test in 1
*** Test in 1 in 1
* Test 2
** Test in 2
*** Test in 2 in 2

If you want to reproduce, you can substitute powerdot 
by beamer for LaTeX_CLASS definition. You will find in 
tex file the following :

\section{Test 1}
\label{sec-1} <= 



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