Buck Brody <buckbr...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Nick, thanks for your help.  Unfortunately, when I try to save my 
> customization (~/other/sha1sum.exe), I get the following message: 
> Symbol's value as variable is void: ~/other/sha1sum\.exe

I have no idea why that would be: the type of the variable is string, so
why anything is trying to interpret it as a symbol is beyond me. The
backslash before the period is also suspicious, but I don't see how it
would cause this problem. All I can suggest is:

      o try again carefully.
      o find somebody around who can help.

Alternatively, you can add this to your .emacs:

    (setq org-mobile-checksum-binary "~/other/sha1sum.exe")

Make sure that that is placed *after* you load any customization file
(or make sure that you erase any customization for this variable: click
on State and select "Erase customization").


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