>>>>> Nathaniel Flath writes:

> One thing that had been bugging me was the inability to have an
> ordered list of the form:

> a.  Item 1
> b.  Item 2
> c.  Item 3

> The following patch enables this, with lists going from a-z and A-Z.
> Let me know if there are any issues with it.

If I understand well your patch, I see a couple of issues with it,
that should not be hard to correct.

- you removed the code allowing to use [...@start:number] in a list;
- even if you recognize a. and A. lists, you only reorder from a. to
  z. (bullet start is 1- ?a, not 1- ?A);
- what happens when user wants to insert the 27th item in his
  alphabetically ordered list ? In other words you should have a
  function to increment such list from z. to aa.


-- Nicolas

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