Hi Orgers.

This could easily be a PEBKAC issue, I have pushed the files to my webdav with 
org-mobile-push, but when I try to sync with my webdav folder using MobileOrg, 
I get a blank MobileOrg screen.  Also, the mobileorg directory on my SD card is 
empty.  This is using version 0.4 alpha.

When I try to capture something, it seems to work (mobileorg.org file is 
created, with my captured entry).  During the sync, mobileorg.org is sent to 
the webdav server.

my index.org is just a simple set of links like so:


Can anyone help?  What Am I doing wrong?


Jonathan Arkell
Tech Lead
Inspired By Drum & Bass, Scheme, Kawaii

p. 403.206.4377

402 -- 11th Ave SE
Calgary, AB, Canada T2G 0Y4


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