I am attempting to generate a simple chart from gnuplot using the source of
an org-table.  When I execute the gnuplot src block I get the message
"Source block produced no output".  Does anyone have any suggestions as to
what might be the cause?  I have included a sample of what I am trying to

#+tblname: sessions
| Date       |  Time | Distance |
| 09/02/2010 | 15:13 |      2.5 |
| 09/01/2010 | 14:00 |      2.4 |

#+begin_src gnuplot :var data=sessions
  :file org-running.png :exports both
  set title "Running Stats"
  set auto x
  set style data histogram
  set style fill solid border -1
  set boxwidth .9
  set xlabel "Date"
  set ylabel "Time"
  plot "$data" using 1:2:3 notitle

Nick Parker
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