In the routine org-get-local-archive-location, is the call to
(match-string 1) at the end extraneous?
Seems like you want to return org-archive-location in this case.

(defun org-get-local-archive-location ()
  "Get the archive location applicable at point."
  (let ((re "^#\\+ARCHIVE:[ \t]+\\(\\S-.*\\S-\\)[ \t]*$")
        (setq prop (org-entry-get nil "ARCHIVE" 'inherit))
         ((and prop (string-match "\\S-" prop))
         ((or (re-search-backward re nil t)
              (re-search-forward re nil t))
          (match-string 1))
         (t org-archive-location (match-string 1)))))))

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