On Fri, Oct 8, 2010 at 8:25 AM, Christian Egli <christian.e...@sbs.ch> wrote:
> Richard Moreland <r...@ncogni.to> writes:
>> If no one else volunteers, I will.
> We are getting close to the deadline for the application for a dev room.
> I will be on holiday and off-line for a week tomorrow, so I do not have
> time to work on this next week. I would love for this to happen, so the
> question is if I have to do this tonight (when the kids are in bed and I
> should do the packing, my wife is going to love this :-)), next Saturday
> or if I can rely on you to do this application.

Thanks Christian.  I agree with your changes, and I have no problem
following through with the application submission.

If anyone has changes to make or suggestions for improving upon the
updated proposal, please follow up soon.  I'd like to get it submitted
sooner than later in case there is any type of 'first come first
served' weighting.  If no one objects, I'll submit it on 10/10.


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