>>>>> Jeffrey DeLeo <jeff.de...@rigpa.org> writes:

    > OK, I found the problem. In my emacs init file, further down I
    > had: (require 'gnus-load) ;; for dev gnus (require 'message)
    > (require 'bbdb) (require 'org-install) (require 'org-icalendar)
    > (require 'org-mobile) ...

    > Removing these requires results in working org and not stomping on
    > org-capture-templates.

I am somewhat confused here.  Why would removal of the `require'
statements fix the problem?  Should we not *have* (require 'org-install)
in order to have the latest org-mode be activated and loaded?

Actually, I am having the same problem here after upgrading to 7.02.  
Hitting C-cc does run `org-capture' correctly, but the value of
`org-capture-templates' (which was set using the customize interface,
and has been saved to a separate emacs-custom.el file) does not have the
set value.

Using C-h v on `org-capture-templates', I get:

|     org-capture-templates is a variable defined in `org-capture.el'.
|     Its value is nil
|     Documentation:
|     Templates for the creation of new entries.

Specifically, the value of this variable remains as `nil', and
attempting to view the value via `customize-variable' returns a state of
"CHANGED outside Customize".  However, the actual value is empty.

|     Org Capture Templates:
|     INS
|     State: CHANGED outside Customize; operating on it here may be unreliable.
|     Templates for the creation of new entries.

I am running GNU Emacs 23.2.50 and org-version does confirm org-7.02.

BTW, whats with the org-7.3 on http://orgmode.org?

Anupam Sengupta

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