Anupam Sengupta <anupamsg <at>> writes:

> I use a _separate_ file for saving the settings using the Custom
> interface.  This includes all org-mode settings and templates, and have
> been working well till 7.01h.
> *However*, after upgrading to 7.02, I found that the capture templates
> are *not* getting set from the custom-file, which does contain the
> correct template (info "(Emacs) Saving Customizations").
> The basic problem is that the `org-capture-templates' variable is set as
> `nil' on load, and `describe-variable' returns a 'nil' as well.


Found a solution to the problem.  This has to do with order of setting the
custom-file and loading it (needs to be done *after* the org-install). 

I.e., the order in init.el needs to be:


 (require 'org-install)
 (setq org-default-notes-file "~/")

 (define-key global-map "\C-ca"      'org-agenda)
 (define-key global-map "\C-cc"      'org-capture)

 ;; Needs to be done after org-mode is loaded
 (setq custom-file (concat my-customizations-dir "emacs-custom.el"))
 (load custom-file)

This allows the `org-capture-templates' saved in the separate emacs-custom.el 
file to be correctly loaded.  Note that this behavior is from 7.02/7.3, and 
probably has to do with the custom-autoload definition of this variable in

Hope this explanation helps.

Anupam Sengupta

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