org-htmlslidy is an org-mode html export option that outputs the result in
HTML Slidy format, see: .

The work in progress may be downloaded from:

Note that the resulting output may be heavily modified by supplying
additional css setup. E.g. the following header to an org file may be used
to choose the color and icons used on the W3C pages (you have to download
them locally as well).

#+STYLE: <link rel='stylesheet' href='blue.css' type='text/css'  /> <link
rel='stylesheet' href='dov.css' type='text/css'  />
#+BIND: org-htmlslidy-html-preamble-footer "<h1>A perl test</h1>"
#+BIND: org-export-html-preamble "<div class='background slanty'><img
src='graphics/w3c-logo-slanted.jpg' alt='slanted W3C logo' /></div><div
class='background'><img alt='' id='head-icon' src='graphics/icon-blue.png'

Thanks a lot to the author of org-s5, Yann Hodique! org-htmlslidy is just a
slight modification of his module.

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