Hi Eric,

On 2010-11-12, Eric S Fraga <ucec...@ucl.ac.uk> wrote:
> Sorry for hijacking the thread to some degree but I moved from Blogger
> to Wordpress because of the more open nature of the latter and I believe
> this fits with the philosophy of org.

I don't think it's a hijacking; many will want to know about other options.

I /started/ with Wordpress.com (their blogger.com-like site) because
of its apparent open philosophy.

But I switched away from them because of their hostile attitude toward
accessibility bug reports, including large fonts.  They claim to value
accessibility highly, but their actions very clearly indicate the

It isn't so much their lack of accessibility that bothers me, as much
as their attitude toward customers.  Based on their responses, I did
not have confidence that they would support me if I had any other
showstopper issues with my blog.  I wanted a company I could have a
long-term blogging relationship with.

If I see a change in their attitude, I will consider switching back.

Of course, if you run your own site, merely use their software, and
can hack it yourself or pay somebody to do so, the attitude of their
hosting service will matter less to you.


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