> On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 11:14 AM, Jambunathan K <> 
> wrote:
>     Matt
>     I am unable to reproduce the said behaviour.
>     From my work-area (which is same as that in git), the odt produced is
>     valid. I am attaching the odts produced in my work area. Let me know if
>     what is attached is not what you expect.
> I wonder if anyone on the list can reproduce the bug I'm finding in
> Jambunathan's odt exporter?   The attached org file creates the attached
> invalid odt file for me -- this is true both on my main laptop and in a clean
> environment I just went to some trouble to create on another computer, but J
> cannot reproduce the error.  I'm wondering if perhaps there's some implicit
> dependency in J's code somewhere that neither of us sees, and that isn't
> fulfilled on either of my systems.  I can't think of any other explanation....

Looks like it had been a pretty rough start for you ... Tried one more
round in reproducing the problem. But I cannot reproduce it at all.

If someone helps me in reproducing the bug, I will be happy to address
it in no time.

To encourage new users to try out the OpenOffice exporter, I have
revised the instructions in "How to export to OpenOffice?" section of
the file.


I suggest that you download the entire repo or the snapshot. Check that
you are using the URL that ends in "oo.git".

I am *pretty confident* that the OpenOffice exporter can handle simple
text - headlines, paragraphs, lists - very reliably.

How I tried reproducing the problem and failed:

1. I freshly cloned the repository.
2. Started emacs without any customization.
   "C:\Program Files\emacs-23.1.91\bin\runemacs.exe" --debug-init -Q
3. M-: (setq org-odt-base-dir "~/src/oo/") RET
4. M-x (load-file (expand-file-name "./contrib/odt/setup.el" org-odt-base-dir))
5. C-x C-f
6. I did a C-c C-e O.
7. I am seeing that OpenOffice launches and opens the file
   desc_test_short_2.odt without any complaints.

Jambunathan K.

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