>>>>> David Abrahams <d...@boostpro.com> writes:

> Is it merely the autoload of org-capture-templates, or is this a
> general rule for everything in org-install?  I think I'm perfectly
> happy to work with the dependency in place as long as it's
> documented.  For most people it wouldn't be an issue since
> custom-* puts its custom-set-variables call at the end of the
> file.  I think you need to be using something like initsplit to
> see the problem.

The problem also comes up when a separate file is used for storing
the `custom-set-variables', i.e., something like:

(setq custom-file  "~/emacs-custom.el")
(load custom-file)

Because of the autoload, these statements now need to be at the very
end of the init.el file.  Not a big problem, but still something
that needs to be known (and was not required prior to 7.02).

Anupam Sengupta

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