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Matt Lundin wrote:
> > Looks like to use the intended functionality someone has to patch Org
> > mode's tag search to handle multivalue properties.
> I don't believe the space in property values is meant to indicate
> multiple values (i.e., in the same way that ":" separates tags). Here's
> an example from the manual:

This is a misunderstanding: Yes, you can use space characters in
single value properties and use regexps to simulate multivalue

But you can't use Org's multivalue properties (C-h f
org-entry-put-multivalued-property RET).

Looks like an inconsistency or a glitch: Org supports putting multiple
values in a property but has no reserved separator for multiple
values.  So there is no way for a function recognize multivalue
properties -- what makes it hard to perform a search for properties
with multiple values w/o having the user enter a regular expression.

  -- David

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