Hi Eric,

> I know this is an awfully tired topic, and I'll be thrilled when the odt
> exporter is ready, but in the meantime exporting to HTML and then either
> opening or copying/pasting into OpenOffice is not working for me, while
> it does seem to be working for other people.
> I'm on Ubuntu, Emacs 23.3 and yesterday's org-mode. I export to html
> just fine. Then I figure I have two options: open the html directly with
> OpenOffice, or copy and paste the text. Opening the html directly just
> shows me an unrendered html document. Copying and pasting into
> OpenOffice turns all the italics into funny little grey boxes (one on
> either side of the meant-to-be-italics text), and no actual italics.

Did you try to suppress the xml declaration in the exported html?

#+OPTIONS: org-export-html-xml-declaration (quote (("php" . "<?php echo \"<?xml 
version=\\\"1.1\\\" encoding=\\\"%s\\\" ?>\"; ?>")))

At least MS-Word and Chromium don't seem to like that xml version line
and refuse to render the document.



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