I have finally found a tolerable solution to include Google calendars
into Emacs and thus Org using "emacs-google"[1].

However, one thing is bothering me about the way Org agenda view handles
my newly populated diary file. It shows too much information! Basically,
I want /one line per entry/. If I want more info I'll just hit the
entry. The reason is that I will often include a lot of extra
information for each calendar/diary entry. When needed, I will fetch it
but it usually preclude the overview that I wish to obtain in the agenda

Here is a simple agenda example: 

|   Diary:      Semester start
|   Diary:      Location: Lund University
|   Diary:      Status: CONFIRMED               (UID: 

And the corresponding diary code:

| %%(and (diary-block 1 17 2011 1 17 2011)) Semester start
|    Location: Lund University
|    Status: CONFIRMED          (UID: 5g7mb67iupjvf75cdorlr1b...@google.com)

What I want to agenda view to show is merely: 

|   Diary:      Semester start

Or, even better:

|   Diary:      Semester start (Lund University)

I.e. no other information than the event and if possible the
location. If time is available this should also be displayed, but all in
one line. 

Is this possible in one way or the other? If so I'd appreciate any hints
on getting there. 

Thanks a bunch,

[1]    http://code.google.com/p/emacs-google/wiki/googlecalendar

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