The way I understood your patch is that I can use (currentfile) as _the_ target 
expression in a capture template.  What I was requesting was to use 
'capturefile' _within_ a file+headline target expressions. Let me re-include a 
motivating example - as your citation didn't include it:

 (setq org-capture-templates
   '(("j" "Journal" entry (file+headline currentfile "Journal") "* %a\n\n%i"))
     ("t" "To Do" entry (file+headline currentfile "Tasks") "* TODO %? %i\n")))

which does not seem to be implemented in the current git version, unless I've 
completely messed up my orgmode git checkout.

Possibly this could be done by checking for the symbol 'currentfile in 
org-capture-target-buffer, and using (buffer-file-name).
Do you think that would work?

Thanks again.
-- Greg
Greg Sullivan
(781)262-4553 (office) (978)430-3461 (cell)

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Hi Gregory,

"Sullivan, Gregory (US SSA)" <> writes:

> It would be quite useful if I could use currentfile in place of
> "path/to/file" in the various Target patterns.  That is, it would be
> nice to write something like:

This is already implemented in Org's git version.  See the email you're
replying to, I gave the explanations.



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