One thing I really like to use orgmode for is research. Lately,
there's a mass of stuff on-line that I've been reading though and am
about to start reading through a series of articles and had the idea
to yank them into org for "inline notes."

My current experiment has been:
- wget the website page
- run a custom script of simple sed stuff to get the major stuff
converted (<i> & </i> -> /, &quote; -> ", etc.)
- turn things into headlines where applicable
- manually tweak the rest

What I'd like to do is find some way to take notes in the article and
would like some suggestions from anyone who's done this. On one hand,
I see the idea of keeping a separate headline for notes, and for a
series of articles, my file might look like this:
| * Article 1
| ** Notes on article 1
| * Article 2
| ** Notes on article 2

One advantage to this is that I could very easily add :noexport: to my
notes and print off a hard copy of the article if I want it, and it
would also be easy to tag my notes :notes: and then replace-string to
turn the Article :export: into :noexport: and :notes: into :export:.
Then I'd have an easy to print copy of my notes for each article.

On the other hand, I like quoting when I use notes, and could see it
as advantageous to have something like:
| * Article 1
| It goes along and says x, y, and z.
| --- Me: that's interesting and here are my thoughts.
| It continues along saying all kinds of other things and my comments
are interjected whenever I want.

I think that might be more useful for studying things later, as I get
to see an "annotated" version with my thoughts at the time I read it.
What it *doesn't* allow for is the easy printing of both the article
and the notes separately if I want.

Would someone suggest a way that I might be able to have the best of
both worlds? Some of my own not-at-all-hashed-out-ideas included:
- using footnotes since org has easy ways to jump from one to another,
but this would be tough when it came to actual footnotes, which there
will definitely be plenty of.

- highlighting the text I want to quote and then using refile somehow
to send it off to my notes section with my comments. This would be
cool if I could, at the same time, add an org-mode link to and from
the notes and original section, but also if I could turn that link off
when I export to PDF so I don't have hypertext to a non-existent link
if I don't export my notes as well.

Part of the reason that keeping notes/article separate is that I have
others interested in the articles and, if I need to send them a copy,
I want to get my junk out of there and have the original. I suppose I
could just keep two copies, though?

I think this idea could be useful to others and actually wouldn't
doubt if someone has an awesome setup for something like this already.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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