> Yes, you're right. You need the todonotes package. This is "standard" in my
> private class, reason why I forgot about this link.
> Go and add it, you'll love it!

Holy cow. I kind of ignored this as I didn't know what it did, then
checked out todonotes and was blown away. This is amazing.

| (latex "\\todo[inline]{\\textbf{\\textsf{%s %s}}\\linebreak{} %s}"
|                '((unless (eq todo "")
|                    (format "\\textsc{%s%s}" todo priority))
|                  heading content))

A couple questions:
- would you be able to even broadly tell me what the latex chunk is
doing there? Is %s like the %s in python (and perhaps other
programming languages)? I don't get where the third %s gets its value.
In other words, it seems that one of them is the heading value and
another is the content... but what does the third %s get it's value in
the first line?
--- Side note... maybe time for me to learn elisp?

- I looked at the package and example and rather liked the side-page
type for small little notes. Sooooo cool. But, alas, removing the
'[inline]' gave me undefined control sequence errors. When I ran it
from the .tex file directly, it kind of worked, but my little box was
really smushed and off the page. I'm guessing that my desire for
narrower page margins isn't helping (I have geometry setting hmargins
to 2cm)?

- Some of my notes are multi paragraphs, which I prefer non-indented
and separated by a line break rather than no line break and indented.
But when exported, multiple paragraphs just "stack up" with no line
break. Can I add this to your format?

Thanks again! What a neat package!


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>  Seb
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> Sébastien Vauban

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