In my custom agenda block, I wanted to distinguish between SCHEDULED and
DEADLINE items using a small character flag.  The docstring for
`org-agenda-prefix-format' mentions %s as the one to use for the
scheduled/deadline string (as is used in the default agenda) - however,
this string does not seem to be working for me (orgmode 7.5).

As an example of a custom agenda block:

              ((org-agenda-overriding-header "\nToday's Action 
               (org-agenda-prefix-format " [ ] %12:c%?-12t % s")))

Note the % s in the `org-agenda-prefix-format' setting.  All other
settings are showing up fine, but the schedule information is missing in
the display.

As an aside, %s is not exactly what I need, as I was looking for a way
to display a single character flag (S or D for scheduled or deadline),
but this is also fine.


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