>> I was thinking of trying to get org and microsoft exchange talking to
>> each other via soap-client.el and exchange web services (ews).
>> Ultimately it would be nice to have a route into the corporate world
>> of exchange, outlook, entourage, and blackberry where so many of us
>> are forced to live.
>> My first goal is to link org TODOs to exchange tasks in some
>> simplistic way that allows two-way syncing.
>> If that proves feasible, perhaps calendar items could be next.
>> Does this sound useful? If anyone with elisp or web services
>> programming experience is interested in lending a hand, I am sure to
>> need some help.
> +1.
> My institution is moving to MS Live, whatever that means (I really am
> completely ignorant of the MS world, for better or for worse).  I think
> this is somehow related to Exchange etc. so any type of integration with
> org would be greatly helpful for me!  At first, all I care about is one
> way transfer, from the MS world to org but obviously two way syncing
> would be good.
> In my case, it's more about calendar events than tasks.  My tasks are
> typically for my information only but meetings etc involve multiple
> people.
> I can try to help in due course.  We haven't moved to the MS system yet
> so I cannot yet say how much I will be able to contribute.  Keep me in
> the loop!

One open source project that implements a pretty impressive interface to
exchange is http://davmail.sourceforge.net 

Maybe you can get hints on how to deal with the ideosycrasies of MS
coding from there.

Unfortunately I cannot use this, and your proposed solution, since my
Exchange server is behind an RSA-Token-"secured" gateway.

I'm planning to use the org-outlook protocol 


even if this means that I need to have an Outlook-instance running. 

Good luck!


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