I have one structured org file I use for school that I leave in long
lines.  The capture template I have setup has \n at the end of what I
would want to be a line but is still stringing them together in one
long line until i reach my wrap point.  My headline has my deadline in
it and org recognizes the deadline but that isn't working to get a new
line inserted (an actual hard return).  Org is recongnizing it as a
new line but it just runs in one long line.  Am I missing something
obvious or ????    If it isn't something obvious I will make up a
sample target file, example of a capture and send them out to the

* WORKING Read Chapter 9  :ENGL102: \n
DEADLINE:<2011-06-28 Tue 18:30>\n  ADDEND:<2011-06-28 Tue
 00:00>\n :

Also the logbook just keeps adding in as one long line
:LOGBOOK: -State "STARTED  from "TODO" [2011-06-22 Wed 09:56] :END:

Is this inherent in the way it works with longlines or is their a way
to insert: ΒΆ
when I want an actual hard return in the template that is going into
the longlines file?


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