Le 22 Aug 2011 14:26, Sebastien Vauban a écrit:
> > That's pretty interesting, but not quite what I meant: I was thinking
> > that TODOs would be first sorted by outline level, and then only TODOs
> > that belonged to a subtree with "higher" TODOs would be indented. With
> > "indented", a second-level TODO can come after a first-level TODO and
> > appear to be subordinate to it, though they belong to completely
> > different subtrees.
> >
> > But stating the problem this way makes me realize it's more complicated
> > than I thought…

Yes, I was looking for the same kind of thing some times ago. But I do
not have any idea of how we may present the agenda view. Maybe it should
be better do display the path to a TODO item, since parent item may be
not TODO items by themselves, like this:

* Garden
** TODO Cut the flowers
* Home
** TODO Cut the flowers

should be presented somehow like in the refile view, as:

TODO Garden / Cut the flowers
TODO Home / Cut the flowers

instead of the unclear:

TODO Cut the flowers
TODO Cut the flowers

Actually, I wonder how people deals with this kind of tasks. Are you
relying on tags ? For example with :garden: and :home: in my previous
example ?

Personally, I am used to recall the main heading at the beginning of the
children, but only when the TODO item heading is really not clear enough
by itself, since it is a quite heavy solution.

> Just an incentive to tell you I'd also would love that feature.

Same :)



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