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> Dear List,
> after converting my whole thesis from Scrivener to Orgmode I'm missing just
> one feature:
> Synopsis
> The method proposed in the list using the VISIBILITY property is not
> suitable for me since I want to have the synopsis at the level of the text
> it describes and I want to be able to have some introduction text also
> besides the synopsis.
> Therefore I have been wondering wether there is any chance to generate a
> sparse tree that opens all specific drawers e.g. :SYNOPSYIS: or
> alternatively to have the sparse tree (only showing the headlines) and open
> the drawers using keybindings.

I am a little confused. Do you mean the final form of your thesis is
in org-mode format, or do you intend to export it to pdf (for
submission) or html (maybe for publishing on your webpage)?

If you intend to export it then it is trivial when using the latex
backend (although I don't know how but I'm sure its possible for html
too). All you need to do is write your synopsis within the abstract
environment. You can also have an outline/toc with various levels of
detail by setting the toc: option in the #+OPTIONS: header and
configuring org-export-latex-classes.

If you need more specific help, let me know I could share latex
snippets from my thesis. To give you an idea how an org document might
look after latex export, here is a link to my master's thesis:

On the other hand if you are looking for something to help you during
the writing of the document, you might want to look at org-toc in
contrib/ or speedbar.

> Thanks in advance and best regards,
> Markus

Hope that helps, and GL


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