Thank you all for your points of view!
So I'll try bbdb-3. (I've already started a bit.)

On Fri, Oct 21 2011, Eric Abrahamsen wrote:

> As Rasmus mentioned, if you use BBDB you should get version 3, it's
> significantly better than the previous version. There's a slow movement
> towards better import/export functions, which I think has been one of
> the major gripes about BBDB in the past (there are probably more I'm not
> aware of).

So perhaps Julien just wrote org-contacts, because bbdb-3 did not exist then?

On Fri, Oct 21 2011, Wes Hardaker wrote:

> go mess with the database easily.  EG, with BBDB if one area gets a new
> area code you can't go quickly search/replace for all records replacing
> 111 with 222.  With org-contacts it's a simple search/replace edit.

But you can open the bbdb-file and do the replacement there, can't you?


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