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> Hi Thomas, Eric(s) and all,

Hi Sebastien,


> I use HTML export more and more, and would be sad if the solution wasn't
> targeted at all to HTML as well.

I agree although this doesn't preclude target specific customisation
variables; it just means that each target would have to have its own
variable.  Maybe less aesthetically pleasing than a single org
intermediary but possibly easier to use...

> I see rare cases where I wouldn't want to see the code name: if they have a
> name, most of the time, it's because they are referenced one or multiple times
> from elsewhere and you'd better be able to display that information to the
> reader of your LP/RR document.

Well, my case is the opposite!  I seldom want the names in the exported
output.  That's partly because I tend to name *every* code
block.  First, I use yasnippet to insert code blocks and it prompts for
the name; second, I find it good practice as I never know if or when I
might actually want to refer to the code block so naming as I go along
is most convenient; third, most importantly, it makes it possible to
jump to code blocks quickly in a large file!

> Without knowing what it implies, I'd find an extra option rather sexy,
> something such as:
> #+OPTIONS:   H:4 num:nil noweb-names:t

I would be happy with this!

> The real question is: should we be able to turn that off for some code blocks?
> Not sure, but difficult to answer that it's totally unwanted.

It would be nice but, at least for my use case, not necessary.

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