Bastien <> writes:

> Karl Voit <> writes:
>>> `org-write-agenda' has been renamed to `org-agenda-write', 
>>> please update your code.
>> Thanks for the hint! Missed in in the change notes ...
> You didn't miss anything -- this change is in current git HEAD,
> which used not to be advertised in
> I'm now publishing a new section in this page called "Current HEAD of
> the git repository", it will expose such incompatible changes earlier.
> Thanks!

Thanks Bastien.  This will be very useful!  I track org daily (via a
semi-automated synchronisation on my various computers) but don't
necessarily read the mailing list every day, as much as I would like to
;-)  Knowing that there is a reasonably up to date list of changes in
the development version would be very nice indeed.

Thanks again,

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