(François Pinard) writes:

> Hi, Org people.
> It seems that if I use diacritics in file names for included images, and
> then asks for a PDF rendering of it (through LaTeX), the image does not
> get included.  If I remember correctly, I only get a big hollow square,
> with the textual name of the image file (rather than the image) included
> in the square and extending out to its right.
> The file name uses UTF-8, as well as the Org file referring to it.
> If I rename the file to pure ASCII, and adjust the reference
> accordingly, all goes well.  So did I, of course.  Yet, I think the
> problem is worth being reported, and then, either corrected or
> documented (so other people do not spend time scratching their head).
> François

Is the problem with org or with latex?  I.e. have you looked at the
latex code generated to see if the translation was correct?  Latex has
traditionally had more problems with the ASCII to UTF-8/Unicode move than
org or Emacs, in my experience.

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