Leo Alekseyev <dnqu...@gmail.com> writes:

> I often edit my org-babel code blocks via org-edit-special (C-'), in
> part because I find the tabbing behavior within the code blocks to be
> somewhat flaky. Inevitably, when editing the code block I will press
> C-x C-s (muscle memory). This causes all sorts of annoying
> consequences: the buffer with the code block gets buried, window


What version of org are you using?  I ask because I used to experience
the annoyance you describe a while back; more recently (since at least a
few months ago), hitting C-x C-s no longer has any negative impact: it
saves the file, or at least appears to.

You still have to C-c ' to get back to the full buffer, mind you, but
that's better, IMO, than changing the behaviour of such a fundamental
key binding as C-x C-s.
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