Hi all,

I'd like to be able to call capture such that the captured item is
stored under '* Notes' in the current org-file *from inside an
org-edit-src-code buffer*.

Preferably, I'd like a single capture template, that works
(1) on the current org file normally
(2) on the "parent org file" after doing C-' on a source block

A possible capture template for (1) looks like this:
("w" "currentfile" entry (file+headline (buffer-file-name) "Notes") "")
How would I extend this to (2)?

Optimally, this template would record the #+name tag of the source
block under the point (if the point is in a source block) in (1) or the
source block being edited in (2), if such #name tag exists.

Thanks for hints,

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