> For instance, when I was doing a lot of Java programming, I used
> hideshow.el all the time to hide block and function bodies.  Works very
> well (although the default key bindings are annoying to me).  Have a
> look!  It's a standard package in emacs, at least in Emacs 24 but much
> earlier than that I believe.
> There's a small add-on called hideshow-org.el which may be useful as
> well:

Having read the OP, I'll second Eric's vote for hideshow-org.  It's a
better solution for folding functions.  However, the combination of
org/outline-minor-mode/Tassilo's code works well for splitting a file
into foldable sections.  Incidentally, you can use both of these
methods at the same time; they don't conflict too much.


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