"Sebastien Vauban"
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> François Pinard wrote:
>> When using SPC in the Agenda buffer (org-agenda-show-and-scrollup), the
>> LOGBOOK drawer is shown opened, which is not a big problem, yet a
>> slightly annoying one, as I'm rarely interested to see its contents at
>> this stage.

> I don't _think_ this is customizable right now; though, please not[e]
> that RET'ing on en entry from the agenda jumps to the entry, without
> expanding the drawer.  Though, it reuses the agenda buffer to do so --
> it's not the same behavior as SPC'ing.

Hello, Sebastien.  The manual says, in (org) Drawers:

  Sometimes you want to keep information associated with an entry, but
  you normally don't want to see it.  For this, Org mode has _drawers_.
  [...]  In order to look inside the drawer, you need to move the cursor
  to the drawer line and press <TAB> there.

and I like what the manual says, I would like it to be true.  The
/purpose/ of drawers is to keep the information out of sight, unless
explicit action is taken, as stated.  I do not see why RET and SPC from
the Agenda would act differently from one another in that respect, nor
why one of them would contradict the definition and spirit of a drawer.
If for some reason it should be an exception, this should be documented
and justified within (org) Agenda commands, which it is currently not.


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