Achim Gratz <> writes:
>>> On my 32-bit Arch machine:
>>> (string-to-number "123456789"): 123456789 (#o726746425, #x75bcd15)
>>> (string-to-number "987654321"): 987654321.0
> Since that latter number is not representable as an integer in Emacs (it
> loses 4 bit due to the way Lisp represents these things), it takes the
> next best thing (FP in that case).  Since you are on Arch, I believe
> there is a way to compile Emacs to use "large integers" even on 32bit
> systems - it may have other problems, but should solve this.

I've just compiled Emacs again using "--with-wide-int" as an additional
(or sole) configure option and get:

(string-to-number "987654321"): 987654321 (#o7267464261, #x3ade68b1)

So, no need to upgrade the whole system to 64bit if that was the only
problem... :-)

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