Eric Schulte <> writes:

Hi Eric,
> Hi,
> As with the other recent sh-block email, the problem is likely due to
> the interpreter used (e.g., bash as compared to dash).  See the value of
> `org-babel-sh-command' which defaults to "sh" which defaults to a POSIX
> rather than bash shell on many systems.
> Best,
> Andreas Leha <> writes:
>> Hi all,
>> why is it, that I can not use this code in sh blocks (I get sh: 2: Bad
>> substitution), even though it is valid when I run the tangled
>> script?  Is this a known thing?
>> #+begin_src sh :shebang "#!/bin/bash" :tangle
>>   for i in *.org; do
>>       echo cp "$i" "${i/}"
>>   done
>> #+end_src
>> How can I get the above block to execute?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Andreas

thanks a lot!  The org-babel-sh-command did the trick!


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