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Nicolas Goaziou wrote:
> Completing myself, here is a patch implementing the previous suggestion,
> along with example output obtained with it.  You may need to
> (fmakunbound 'org-e-ascii-target) to avoid an error, since this patch
> removes the function.

I don't see why we should drop the link type in fuzzy links. After all
they /are/ are special type of link.

Without the link type we will run into trouble, won't we?.

In the example file:

| We end the list at item [[itm:last]].

So, itm:last is a fuzzy link but it could as well be a "regular" link
of type "itm" with a path component of "last" and no description.

If we say that we use itm:last as a fuzzy link iff there is no
registered link type "itm" we might put people into trouble if in some
point in the future Org mode introduces a link of type "itm" and the
fuzzy links stop working.

Or is there any technical reason to use [[itm:last]] instead of

  -- David
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